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Vertex Air 1 Plus XL2 Pond Aeration System

The Vertex Air 1 Plus XL2 Aeration system is best fit for rectangular or oblong shaped ponds up to two surface acres and 45 ft deep depending on the shape, slope, and oxygen demand. This system is available in 115 or 230 volts.

The Air 1 Plus XL2 Aeration system is super-efficient and safe. The rising force of millions of bubbles transports bottom water to the surface, allowing oxygen to be absorbed and circulating the entire water column.

  • Circulates up to 6,700 GPM (gallons per minute)
  • High pumping rate easily penetrates stratification layers Š
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria growth Š
  • Prevents low oxygen fish kills Š
  • Reduces nutrient levels and associated algae growth Š
  • Oxidizes/reduces bottom muck Š
  • Expands oxygenated habitat for improved fisheries Š
  • Reduces aquatic midge and mosquito insect hatches Š
  • Eliminates foul odors from undesirable dissolved gases

Air 1 Plus XL2 System Includes

2- XL2 Airstations
1- 1/3 HP Brookwood Compressor 
1- QuietAir Cabinet with cooling fan 

Technical Specifications 


3-year Vertex warranty (excluding wearable parts: air filters and compressor maintenance kits)

  • UL, 115v or 230v, 2 Cycle, 2.5 CFM Š
  • Built for continuous 24/7 operation Š
  • Upgraded rotors, stators, valve plates, bearings and capacitors Š
  • Vertex SafeStart™ Technology for auto restart under maximum rated pressure without motor damage Š
  • Thermal overload protection Š
  • Oil-free, and require no lubrication Š
  • 2-3 year extended duty cycle between scheduled maintenance


Limited lifetime warranty against rust

  • Powder coated aluminum for a durable attractive finish Š
  • Equipped with a stamped ventilation grill Š
  • High capacity 140 CFM fan Š
  • Class "A" GFCI Protection on compressor and fan circuits Š
  • Quick disconnect switch included Š
  • Easy access design with cam lock Š
  • Easy plug-in connection to waterside electrical service Š
  • Heavy duty, light weight mounting pad included Š
  • Optional muffler box and additional insulation


15-year Vertex warranty

  • Available in 50', 100', 250' and 500' spools
  • Self-weighted for easy installation
  • Flexible PVC composite direct burial and submersible tubing
  • Use with standard PVC solvent weld cement and insert fittings
  • High wall thickness for durability and protection from punctures
  • Remains flexible in cold temperatures.
  • Over-sized I.D. for high flow


5-year "No Questions" warranty

  • Includes two XL2 self-cleaning, sinking airstation (shown in picture)
  • Made of powder-coated stainless steel
  • Designed to prevent settling into soft bottom sediments.
  • Adjustable diffuser risers accommodate any site requirements

Vertex Air 1 Plus XL2 Aeration System Product Sheet

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