GCTek ThermaKoi Pond Heater

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Ensure the Well-being of Your Koi with Top-Quality Koi Pond Heaters!

Koi fish are at their healthiest when they swim in water with a consistent temperature of around 75 degrees. However, during the cold winter months, Koi tend to cease their feeding and rely on their fat reserves, which can weaken their immune systems. As the temperature gradually rises with the arrival of spring, harmful bacteria become more active, posing a potential threat to your Koi. To keep your Koi robust throughout the winter and beyond, it's crucial to invest in a reliable pond heater that enables you to continue feeding your Koi year-round. This ensures the well-being of your cherished fish.

GC Tek ThermaKoi Pond Heater

Effortless Installation:

Historically, heating koi ponds has been a complex task involving the coordination of plumbers to install gas or propane lines. But now, thanks to the ThermaKoi line of heaters, your life just got a lot easier, and your koi can enjoy a more comfortable environment. The ThermaKoi heaters offer convenience and simplicity. The smallest unit, the 1.5 kW model, conveniently plugs into a standard 115-volt outlet, while the larger sizes (6 kW, 11 kW, and 18 kW) are hardwired (230 volts) into the integrated junction box that comes with the units.


  • Constructed from durable 316 stainless steel
  • Equipped with highly accurate electronic thermostats for precise temperature control, a significant improvement over standard thermostats with less accuracy
  • Includes flow switches as standard for reliable operation
  • Maintains a consistent water temperature throughout the year
  • Simple and speedy installation – easily plumb in line with the provided 2" slip union fittings.
  • Water flows in one end and out the other.
  • Designed to be overload protected and built for longevity
  • Heaters come with analog dial controls for easy temperature setting – both standard and digital display models feature this dial On/Off indicator light provides clear feedback, indicating when the heating element is active and heating the pond water.
  • When the light is on, the heater is actively heating, and when it's off, the unit is in standby mode until the thermostat triggers the heating element.
  • Perfectly suited for the KHV heating protocol for koi!
  • Approximate Dimensions: 28" Length x 12" Width x 18" Height Options:

For an additional $140, you can opt for the ThermaKoi heaters with a digital LED temperature display, providing real-time water temperature readings. Please note that the temperature setting for the digital display model is controlled using the same knob as the base model.

Model Wattage Max Pond Size Power Cord Type
ThermaKoi 1.5 1.5 kW 500 gallons 115V plug with GFCI
ThermaKoi 6 6 kW 6,000 gallons 230V hardwired with junction box
ThermaKoi 11 11 kW 11,000 gallons 230V hardwired with junction box
ThermaKoi 18 18 kW 18,000 gallons 230V hardwired with junction box


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