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Introducing the PondKeeper Filter Series: Affordable, High-Performance Filtration You Can Trust!

The PondKeeper Filter Series by GC Tek is the answer to your filtration needs, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and reliability. Discover the exceptional features that set this filter apart:

Key Features of the PondKeeper Filter Series:

1. Comprehensive Filtration: This filter performs both Biological and Mechanical filtering within a single, easy-to-maintain unit.

2. Unique PondKeeper Media: The PondKeeper media is truly one-of-a-kind, providing unmatched performance. It safeguards sensitive beneficial bacteria during backwash cycles while offering an extensive surface area for these bacteria to thrive.

3. Innovative "FLUFF-N-SPIN" System: The PondKeeper filter boasts a proprietary backwashing jetting system known as the "FLUFF-N-SPIN" system. This system not only fluffs the media during backwash but also spins each individual piece of PondKeeper media. This action effectively removes old biofloc clinging to the media while preserving the vital beneficial bacteria within the filter. It's a unique feature that sets this filter apart from the rest.

4. Lifetime Warranty: Enjoy the same peace of mind with the PondKeeper filter as you do with the AquaBead and AlphaONE lines of filters, thanks to the lifetime warranty.

5. Included Components: Each PondKeeper unit comes equipped with thermoplastic injection molded tanks (fiberglass for the 6.0 unit), a powerful 2 HP Media Agitator, a 6-position multiport valve for various functions (backwash, bypass to waste, bypass to recirculate, rinse), 2" unions for quick and easy installation, water drains, an easy-to-read pressure gauge for quick dirt assessment, and a visible sight glass to indicate the completion of the backwashing process.

PondKeeper Sizes:

  • PondKeeper 1.25: Suitable for ponds up to 1500 gallons, measuring 16.5" x 36" (Thermoplastic).
  • PondKeeper 1.75: Suitable for ponds up to 2500 gallons, measuring 19.5" x 37" (Thermoplastic).
  • PondKeeper 2.5: Suitable for ponds up to 5000 gallons, measuring 21.5" x 39" (Thermoplastic).
  • PondKeeper 4.0: Suitable for ponds up to 10,000 gallons, measuring 24.5" x 42.5" (Thermoplastic).
  • PondKeeper 6.0: Designed for larger ponds up to 17,000 gallons, measuring 30.5" x 47" (Fiberglass).

Optional PondKeeperLP (Low Profile) Agitator Plumbing: If height is a concern for your installation, you have the option to add the PondKeeperLP Agitator Plumbing.

Affordable Excellence in Filtration: The PondKeeper Filters deliver top-tier filtration performance at an incredibly affordable price point. These filters are designed to meet your filtration needs without breaking the bank. Choose the PondKeeper Filter Series for cost-effective, high-performance filtration you can trust.

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