GCTek PoliGlassBead XStream Polishing Pond Filter

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When nothing but the absolute best will suffice, and you're determined to bask in the crystal-clear waters of your dreams, it's time to introduce the PoliGlassBead XStream Polishing Filter into your aquatic haven.

The GC Tek line of filters consistently delivers pristine water quality, but what about those occasional times when external factors like runoff or spawning events momentarily disrupt your pond's immaculate state?

Enter the PoliGlassBead XStream Polishing Filter, the answer to maintaining absolute clarity in your aquatic sanctuary.

This filter is tailor-made for pond enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the ability to discern whether a coin is heads or tails from a depth of 6 feet.

What sets this filter apart from the competition is its ingenious use of not one, but two types of media. It boasts a generous layer of genuine PoliGlassBeads, real Glass Beads, coupled with a layer of our Black AlphaBio2 Media.

The water gracefully descends through the AlphaBio2 layer, effectively segregating and retaining larger particles while allowing finer particles to progress to the substantial bed of PoliGlassBeads, where they meet their removal fate.

Why is this a game-changer, you ask? It means extended periods between backwashing, as PoliGlassBeads resist clogging and clumping, a common issue with crushed glass in some filters.

The distinction between Glass beads and crushed glass in the way they handle solids separation during backwash is substantial.

The PoliGlassBead XStream Polishing Filter is the go-to choice for those who truly believe in the art of gazing into their pond's depths, witnessing the smallest details with unmatched clarity.

But that's not all:

  • This filter is available in four sizes to cater to every pond's unique dimensions and the preferences of pond owners.
  • Equipped with a 2 HP Media Agitator for optimum performance.
  • Includes an Xtra Large sight glass for enhanced visibility.
  • Boasts a remarkable 58 PSI tank rating, surpassing the industry's standard 50 PSI rating.
  • Rest assured with the CLEAR Water Guarantee – if your water isn't crystal clear when used as directed, GC Tek will buy it back.
  • Features 2" unionized ports on each opening for easy installation and maintenance.
  • The 8" Clear lid offers a hassle-free peek into the inner workings of the filter.
  • Trust us when we say, nothing gets past this filter; it's a promise!

Please note that the PoliGlassBead XStream Polishing Filter is not intended for standalone use and must be used in conjunction with one of the other GC Tek filters or any compatible filter.

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