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Outdoor Water Solutions Galvanized Ornamental 3-legged tower Ornamental Windmill

High-Quality Galvanized Ornamental 3-legged tower Windmill (Multiple Heights)

The Galvanized Ornamental 3-legged tower is available with your choice of a 12′, 16′, 20′, or 24′ tall tower.  Add another 3′ for the windmill head, and you can get up to 27′ tall. These ornamental windmills are the perfect statement piece to any yard or farm. Above all, these towers are manufactured with 18-gauge galvanized steel. It is designed to the same high standards as our functional windmills, so it will last for years to come. This ornamental windmill is fast and easy to assemble and can usually be done in just one to two days. Plus, if you are unsure about constructing this windmill, we are just an email away, or you can check out our YouTube page for a video on how to install a whole windmill aeration system.

The blade diameter on all units is a full 73″ in diameter, which is the largest windmill head on the market. In other words, this allows our units to capture more air at low wind speeds. The head features our new BalCam II technology to minimize bearing fatigue. It is made with stainless steel components for long life. In addition, the head is also self-governing, so you never have to worry about it over spinning in high winds. Plus, there is an industry-best 5-year warranty on bearings and cams.

In conclusion, this tower will really catch the wind!


  • New “BalCam II” technology minimizes bearing fatigue with Stainless Steel components
  • Patent-pending new design
  • Fast & Easy Assembly
  • Manufactured with high-quality 18-gauge galvanized steel
  • Newly redesigned blades and front dome assembly for better airflow
  • 73″ head is the largest on the market
  • Self-governing head to protect the unit in high winds
  • New secure locking mechanism that attaches the windmill head to the shaft
  • Full 5-year warranty on bearings and cams!

Why add an ornamental windmill?

If you’re looking for a windmill that is authentic and makes a statement, then the Outdoor Water Solutions line of large Ornamental windmills is the way to go. We can customize almost any windmill to fit your property and can go from as short as 15′ up to 27′ in height.

Towers are configurable in 3-or 4-legged setups and come in your choice of galvanized steel or wood. Plus, you can powder coated the heads in your choice of colors, including any sports team colors. We can also customize your tailfin with decals or removable magnets with your farm’s logo, or if you are a real fan, your favorite team!

Want to Decorate Your Yard?

When it comes to decorating your yard, there are many things that you will be able to do. In this article, we will go over some of the decorating ideas that you can implement to enhance your yard’s beauty and overall unique layout. Since the exterior layout is meant to complement the interior design of a house, it is always best to choose an adornment that will match the overall aestetic. Let’s go over five great ways to beautify your yard:

Ornamental Windmill

An ornamental windmill is an excellent addition to any yard. It will give the exterior layout of your home a unique look. You can find a wide range of alternatives in sizes, depending on the area of your yard. Our galvanized windmills come in 3- and 4-leg configurations that can be wood or galvanized steel. Galvanized windmills are also among the top options in windmills for your yard. These ornamental windmills are made to withstand all types of weather elements, including rain, snow, and wind. You can get one as short as 15 feet to as tall as 27 feet.


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Size 12' Ornamental Windmill, 16' Ornamental Windmill, 20' Ornamental Windmill, 24' Ornamental Windmill

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