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Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Pond Fountain Eco Line

Benefits of Adding a Floating Pond Fountain

Optimizing Your Pond

A pond can give your layout an aesthetically pleasing landscape along with a beautiful setup for your pond life. To get the most out of your pond, you will have to do a few things. Howevr, let’s concentrate on one of the most critical things in this article. This is, of course, adding a floating pond fountain from Outdoor Water Solutions. Let’s go over five benefits that you can get from adding this water feature:


If you plan on having fish life in your pond, they will need oxygen to survive and thrive. A floating pond fountain can oxygenate your pond. Moreover, it is also essential that you invest in a pond fountain that can accommodate the size of your pond. The primary purpose of any aerating system is to keep the water moving. A balanced ecosystem is what you want to achieve with your floating pond fountain.

A Relaxing Atmosphere:

The floating pond fountain works to give your pond a healthy layout while giving you a gorgeous and relaxing addition. You may even see the difference in your fish, frogs, turtles, and other types of pond animals. They may seem much livelier and happier. The sound of the falling water coming from the pond fountain will also contribute to the relaxing environment.

Improves Water Quality:

Improving water quality for your pond is important. As you create healthy oxygen levels for your pond life, you will begin to see an improvement in healthy bacteria, aquatic organisms, balanced algae levels, and more. In combination, all of these benefits will improve your water quality.

Product Benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Only uses 5 running amps of 110V electricity
  • Impressive flow rates
  • Works in both lined and natural dirt ponds
  • Only needs a minimum of 36” of water to operate
  • (2) Low Voltage LED lights with stainless steel housings.

1/2 HP Includes:

  • 32” High-Quality Black Molded Float with UV Protection
  • ½ HP Maxis™ Pump with 100’ Power Cord
  • Each Fountain Includes 4 Different Nozzle Patterns so you can choose the Pattern you like. (Scroll down to see all four patterns).
  • Includes High-Quality Filter Basket to Protect Pump & Motor
  • Includes Timer to turn fountain off and on as desired
  • Optional Low Voltage LED Light Kit with (2) LED Light Fixtures, 100’ Power Cord & 15 amp Class A GFCI Controller with a 24-hour Mechanical Timer and  Photocell

1 HP Includes:

  • Outdoor Water Solutions Maxis™ 1 HP Pump and Motor
  • 32″ High quality black molded float with UV protection
  • Optional (2) Low Voltage LED bright lights with stainless steel housings and mounting hardware
  • Debris sock to keep out algae, weeds, and other foreign material
  • 15 amp Class A GFCI, timer and photocell sensor
  • 50′ of mooring line
  • 4 interchangeable nozzles
  • FREE Shipping via FEDEX, LTL Ground, & UPS. Ships in 2-3 Business Days. 


  • Ships Only to Lower 48 States of the United States




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