Outdoor Water Solutions 20′ Premier Basic Windmill Aeration System


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Outdoor Water Solutions 20′ Premier Basic Windmill Aeration System

If you’re looking for everything you need to aerate a smaller pond, up to 3/4 of an acre in size, then our 20′ Premier Basic Windmill Aeration System is for you.

Moreover, this package gives you an upgraded diffuser system, tower hinges, and 50′ of weighted airline.

Our 20′ Premier Basic Windmill Aeration System pumps tons of air, even more than other companies that sell “dual diaphragm” models. Above all, the secret is our new, patent-pending “BalCam II” Technology that allows us to pump more air with a single diaphragm. Critically, the benefit to you is that you’ll have fewer moving parts, fewer bearing’s and fewer diaphragms to service and maintain. Best of all, this unit is rated at 3.0 – 4.5 CFM and includes everything you’ll need to install your unit and begin aerating your pond. The compressor has a 5-year warranty and this warranty is unmatched in the industry. Our windmill aeration system has a newly redesigned head with improved blades and front dome. This allows for better airflow. With these redesigns, you can count on your windmill head turning even in low wind situations. 

In addition, this windmill can be installed in just one to two days. Hence, the windmill starts working right away. It is simple to do. If you have questions about installing the windmill, we have a helpful video to take you through all the steps. 

Accessories in the system include:

  • 20′ Windmill with our new patent-pending BalCam II technology with Stainless Steel components
  • roll of non-weighted 100′ airline
  • 12″ rubber membrane diffuser with self sinking base to handle higher air output
  • 50′ roll of weighted airline
  • set of tower hinges for easier maintenance
  • hose connector pack
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