Outdoor Water Solutions 20′ Deluxe Windmill & Electric Aerator Combo Package


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Outdoor Water Solutions 20′ Deluxe Windmill & Electric Aerator Combo Package

Windmill & Electric Aerator Combo Package

The 20-foot Deluxe Windmill & Electric Aerator Combo Package allows you to achieve all your aeration needs conveniently. This package combines our Windmill Aeration System with an AerMaster electric aerator and a Control Box.

Aerator Control Box

The Aerator Control Box uses an air pressure sensor to regulate aeration. When the wind stops blowing, it activates the electric aeration system. Conversely, if the wind picks up, it turns off the electric aerator, helping you save money and electricity. There’s a 15-second delay to prevent over-cycling.

Benefits of Windmill and Electric Aerator

While the windmill harnesses wind power, having an electric aerator ensures 24-hour aeration. You get the best of both worlds. Installation is straightforward, and the package includes a 20-foot Deluxe Windmill, 100 feet of poly tubing, 200 feet of weighted airline, 2 airstones with foot valves, 2 airstone housing buckets, 2 duck decoy markers, a 2-way selector valve, and hose connectors. Additionally, it comes with our AerMaster Pro Series Electric Aerator and the Aerator Control Box. Simply attach the “T” valve to your windmill airline, plug it in, and connect your electric aerator to the control box. Plus, you only need one airline running to your pond, as both the windmill and electric aerator share the same line, saving you money

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