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  • Crown-like prop guard (patent pending) with smooth, rounded tines prevents floating algae and debris from clogging unit
  • Easily mount with Horizontal Float Kit or Universal Mount Kit
  • Universal Mount Kit packages include Simple Swivel bracket, allowing for easy rotation of the unit to direct flow of water
  • Optional control panels include human-rated GFCI protection
  • ETL Listed to UL and CSA Standards
  • 2-year warranty


Achieve Crystal Clear Purity

The Kasco AquatiClear Water Circulator is a remarkable tool that ensures crystal clear water in your pond or lake. It creates gentle water movement that prevents stagnation, reduces sediment build-up, and enhances overall water clarity. Enjoy the reflective beauty of a pristine water body with the AquatiClear Water Circulator.

Engineered for Excellence

The Kasco AquatiClear Water Circulator represents the pinnacle of engineering excellence. Built to deliver reliable performance, it handles the rigors of regular use with resilience. Trust in the proven strength of this water circulator as it contributes consistently to maintaining your water body's aesthetic appeal and health.

Cultivating a Tranquil Aquatic Landscape

Our Kasco AquatiClear Water Circulator is a testament to harmonious aquatic maintenance. By facilitating improved water circulation, it not only maintains water clarity but also promotes a balanced, thriving habitat for aquatic life. Let your water body mirror the peaceful harmony of nature as it transforms into a tranquil aquatic landscape.

Packages include:

  • AquatiClear unit
  • Power cord
  • Control panel and mounting kits are optional
  • FREE Shipping via FEDEX, LTL Ground, & UPS. Ships in 2-3 Business Days. 


  • Ships Only to Lower 48 States of the United States




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