GCTek AquaBead X2 Premium Pond Bead Filter

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Introducing the AquaBeadX2: Your Ultimate Solution for Efficiently Filtering Large Ponds with a Single Filter!

The AquaBeadX2 presents an innovative solution to a long-standing challenge: how to effectively filter a substantial pond while utilizing only one filter system. Let's delve into the problem and the ingenious solution:

The Problem: Imagine you have a vast pond spanning 20 to 25 thousand gallons, and you aim to achieve a complete turnover every two hours for optimal water quality. A typical 1/4 hp pump can manage around 5000 gallons per hour. To meet your turnover goal, you'd traditionally require two separate filter systems. However, this approach necessitates the use of energy-efficient pumps or a large pool pump capable of moving 10,000 gallons per hour. The latter option can lead to exorbitant energy costs, which isn't ideal.

The Solution: AquaBeadX2 With the AquaBeadX2 filter, you can operate two 1/4 hp pumps or two 1/3 hp pumps while consuming a mere 5 amps in total with the 1/4 hp pumps or 7.6 amps in total with the two 1/3 hp pumps.

The AquaBeadX2 is ingeniously designed to ensure that all valves and internal components of the filter are twice the size of those in a regular filter. At no point does the water pathway for each pump narrow down to less than a 2" opening. Every aspect of this filter is doubled, except for the price, making it a cost-effective alternative to installing two individual filters.

This remarkable filtration system upholds the same level of integrity as the renowned AquaBead and AlphaONE filters. It is meticulously designed to maximize the flow and efficiency of today's cutting-edge koi pond pumps.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the most energy-efficient filtration products in the industry. The AquaBeadX2 is available in both 6.0 cu. ft. and 10.0 cu. ft. models, as well as our LH (Lower Head) models, offering flexibility to suit your specific pond needs.

Experience the AquaBeadX2 – where efficiency meets innovation, revolutionizing the way you filter large ponds while minimizing energy consumption.

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