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Introducing the AquaBead LH Series Filters by Grand Champion Technologies (GC Tek): Redefining Pond Filtration with Enhanced Flow and Efficiency!

The AquaBead LH Series filters by Grand Champion Technologies (GC Tek) inherit all the exceptional features and benefits of the AquaBead filter while incorporating a design that reduces head, allowing for reduced restriction and increased flow.

Lower Head Design: These innovative filters ingeniously reduce water flow restriction by bypassing the multiport valve during regular filtration mode. To initiate the backwash cycle, simply adjust the two 2-way valves to direct water into the pipes. By avoiding the use of piping in normal filtration mode, you can employ a smaller, more energy-efficient pump to accomplish the same filtration tasks.

Omnifuser Technology: AlphaONE filters are celebrated for their ability to maintain peak performance over extended periods without any slowdowns. This remarkable capability is attributed to Omnifuser technology. Heavier solids are effectively extracted from the center of the vessel's bottom, preventing the filter from accumulating debris. During the backwash cycle, these solids can be effortlessly drained away. This filter doesn't just hold solids – it actively eliminates them. Additionally, the design ensures that water enters from the lowest point and exits from the highest point of the tank, maximizing the utilization of filter media for unparalleled filtration efficiency.

Life Support System (ALISS): The AlphaONE Life Support System (ALISS) is ingeniously designed to preserve beneficial bacteria in the event of a medical bypass or pump failure. A one-way valve on the front of the multiport valve allows air to enter without permitting water to escape. Simply connect an air pump to the barbed fitting, and air will flow into the filter, gently agitating the media and keeping the essential bacteria thriving.

AquaBead Agitator: The AquaBead Agitator is the secret behind preventing filter beads from sticking together. When the powerful 2 HP pump springs into action, it injects air into the filter's bottom, breaking up clumped beads as it surges violently to the top.

Additional Features:

  • Boasts a high surface area and flowrate, reducing the need for an excessively large pump while ensuring efficient filtration.
  • Features a large 2" spring check valve for high flow, with dual unions for easy replacements.
  • Convenient side-mounted valves and a top opening eliminate the need to disconnect plumbing during maintenance.
  • A clear 10" lid on the tank and a sight glass on the multiport valve simplify filter inspection.
  • The double-layered fiberglass body provides exceptional durability, far surpassing plastic alternatives.
  • A pressure gauge offers real-time insights into the filter's performance.
  • An easy drain facilitates water exit without disturbing the filter media.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the tank.

Elevate your pond filtration with the AquaBead LH Series Filters by Grand Champion Technologies (GC Tek) – where innovation meets efficiency, ensuring unparalleled water quality for your cherished pond ecosystem. 


    Model Size Max Pond Size Max Flow Rate Fish Load Dimensions
    AquaBead 1.75 1.75 Cu. Ft. 2,500 Gallons 3000gph 90lb 19" x 31"
    AquaBead 2.50 2.50 Cu. Ft. 5,000 Gallons 4200gph 125lb 21" x 32"
    AquaBead 4.25 4.25 Cu. Ft. 10,000 Gallons 5400gph 225lb 24.8" x 34"
    AquaBead 6.0 6.0 Cu. Ft. 17,000 Gallons 7200gph 300lb 30.5" x 36.8"
    AquaBead 10.0 10.0 Cu. Ft. 25,000 Gallons 10800gph 450lb 36.9" x 42"


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