Air-O-Lator Font`N-Aire Platinum 2HP Pond Aerating Fountain



Wire Length (12/4 SJEOW)


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  • No seals or bearings to maintain.
  • High speed, foul resistant propellers or impellers, provide high shear water spraying action. No lazy sprays, bubbles, or slow boil of water.
  • One piece square flotation for stability to minimize any oscillation that can occur with round floats.
  • Watertight, removable, 100’ power cable is standard. Additional cable lengths are available in 50’ increments.
  • ETL listed (ANSI/UL508) control panel with time clock (adjustable in 15-minute increments), and Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ELCI) (US only).
  • Exclusive Franklin Electric Sand Fighter submersible motor, which implements the use of a silicon carbide mechanical sealing system.
  • 3 year Limited Warranty
  • 2HP – 8′ Tall x 25′ Width


The Font`N-Aire Platinum 2HP fountain line has four major components:

The FLOAT is constructed of rugged polyethylene molded plastic with UV inhibitors. Additionally, it is filled with non-hygroscopic pressure molded polystyrene foam, providing enhanced durability and buoyancy.

The POWER DRIVE ASSEMBLY comprises a mounting structure (drive structure assembly), pump/propeller, nozzle, and motor, all working together to drive the fountain system.

On the other hand, the ELECTRICAL SERVICE CABLE ASSEMBLY consists of a standard 100’ length of AWG# 12/4 submersible cable. It is accompanied by a submersible quick disconnect connector that conveniently plugs into the fountain, ensuring a secure electrical connection.

The CONTROLS encompass various components, such as a 24-hour time clock, off/on trippers, a Franklin Electric start and run QD capacitor box, and an inline ELCI ground fault protector. These components are prewired and thoughtfully mounted on a 16” x 14” plate. It is worth noting that Air-O-Lator relies solely on the Franklin Electric 600M submersible motor for all fountain lines. This motor is specifically engineered for lake and pond fountain applications, ensuring both water cooling and lubrication. Furthermore, it prioritizes environmental safety as an integral feature.

The CENTRIFUGAL PUMP DISPLAY FOUNTAIN’s distinctive center discharge pump design ensures that both the shaft of the submersible motor and the discharge remain in a vertical position. Consequently, this design feature allows the entire weight of the fountain to be concentrated in the center of the float. Moreover, this design facilitates the easy installation and removal of the fountain from the float, eliminating the need for special mounting brackets or hardware.

More information:

Additionally, our centrifugal pump design excels at producing high pressure, enabling the creation of impressive heights and displays while requiring significantly less horsepower compared to other fountain equipment. It is important to note that this fountain is intended solely for aesthetic purposes, as the volume of water being pumped into the air is not sufficient to be considered an aerating device according to oxygen transfer testing and Air-O-Lator’s stringent standards.


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