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Explore the AlphaONE - Beyond Ordinary Bead Filters!

What sets the AlphaONE apart and makes it a beloved choice for pond enthusiasts? One standout feature is its exceptional longevity, operating for extended periods before experiencing flow reduction, far surpassing typical filtration systems.

The Secret to Its Prolonged Performance: To understand this phenomenon, let's delve into the key differences between bead filters and how they capture solids, contrasting with the AlphaONE's innovative approach. Traditional bead filters tend to accumulate solids in the initial few inches of the bead pack, resulting in clogs, flow disruptions, and increased vessel pressure. In contrast, the AlphaONE, equipped with its specially designed AlphaBioONE media, evenly captures debris throughout the pack. The result? Enhanced flow, minimal head or back pressure, and reduced maintenance – a filtration breakthrough celebrated by pond owners and professionals.

Polishing Excellence: One of the AlphaONE's most desirable attributes is its remarkable polishing ability. Field reports consistently praise the filter's ability to deliver crystal-clear water, elevating the aesthetics of any pond.

The AlphaBioONE media was meticulously crafted exclusively for the AlphaONE filter, making it a unique solution tailored to its specific purpose. It stands out for its ingenious design, devoid of "crosshairs" commonly found in other specialty media types. The omission of "crosshairs" is deliberate, preventing the accumulation of debris in a static bed, where it can become anaerobic.

With the AlphaBioONE media, there are no concealed pockets for anaerobic bacteria to thrive – only a welcoming environment for beneficial bacteria.

Witness the Difference: Don't just take our word for it – take a close look at the AlphaBioONE media, and its brilliance becomes evident.

University tests have validated the exceptional performance of AlphaONE, revealing that a cubic foot of beads boasting 400 to 450 cu. ft. of surface area can effectively manage 50 lbs. of fish being fed at 1% of their body weight per day with 38% protein feed. While our beads actually offer 500 to 550 sq. ft. of surface area per cubic foot, we adhere to the formula based on tested and verified results. We refuse to make claims beyond what we can substantiate.

The AlphaONE - where innovation meets reliability, providing more than just a bead filter. Experience the difference for yourself!

AlphaONE Media
Model Size (cu. ft.) Max Pond Size Flow Rate (gpm) Flow Rate (gph) Fish Load (lbs.) Dimensions
AlphaONE 1.75 1.75 2,500 gallons 50 gpm 3,000 gph 90 lbs 19" X 31"
AlphaONE 2.50 2.5 5,000 gallons 70 gpm 4,200 gph 125 lbs. 21" x 32"
AlphaONE 4.25 4.25 10,000 gallons 90 gpm 5,400 gph 225 lbs. 24.75" x 34"
AlphaONE 6.0 6.0 17,000 gallons 120 gpm 7,200 gph 300 lbs. 30.5" x 36.75"
AlphaONE 6.3 6.3 20,000 gallons 190 gpm 11,400 gph 300 lbs. 30.5" X 36.75"

AlphaONE 10.0

10.0 25,000 gallons 180 gpm 10,800 gph 500 lbs. 36 7/8" x 42"
AlphaONE 10.3 10.3 30,000 gallons 220 gpm 13,200 gph 500 lbs. 36.4" X 45"


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