GCTEK AlphaONE 6.0 WattMizer Pond Filter PLUS System- 17,000 Gallon

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Introducing the AlphaONE 6.0 WattMizer PLUS System: The Ultimate Pond Filtration Solution for Larger Ponds!

Imagine a pond filtration system that caters to larger ponds, up to 17,000 gallons, with effortless installation and top-tier performance. Meet the AlphaONE 6.0 WattMizer PLUS System – where pond maintenance becomes a breeze. With pre-filtration, filtration, pump, and UV seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive package, it's as straightforward as setting up a standalone AlphaONE filter.

Effortless Setup: We've taken care of the hard work for you. Here's all you need to do: Connect the upper outlet on the AquaSieve2 Solids Separator Pre-filter to the line from your pond. Attach the upper outlet on the Zapp Pure UV to the line returning to the pond. Run the waste line from the multi-port valve, and you're ready to go. In a mere 48" x 72" space, you'll have a robust filtration system prepared to cater to your entire pond.

The AlphaONE 6.0 PLUS System includes everything you need for ponds up to 17,000 gallons:

  • Dual Pads: Each measuring 48" x 72"
  • AlphaONE 6.0 Filter (6.0 Cu. Ft.) (30.4"D x 40"H)
  • Handles up to 300 lbs of fish fed at 1% of their body weight (typical)
  • Default pump: 3/4 HP Artesian2 HF pump, drawing 9.6 amps at 115 V for powerful performance
  • All openings feature 2” union fittings for easy maintenance
  • Now includes a Swing Check Valve for added convenience
  • Equipped with a generously-sized cleanable sight glass for quick assessment
  • Enhanced with the ZapPro High Output HO UV (The new industry standard!)
  • Achieve swift backwash in as little as 3 minutes per week
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime warranty on the AlphaOne filter
  • PLUS System PrePlumbing Package: Includes all necessary plumbing, pipework, unions at all connections, and all-weather pad(s) for a hassle-free setup
  • Explore the optional UV swap choice: Zapp Pure 20 UV (please inquire)
  • Enhance your setup with an Optional Prefilter: Choose the AquaSieve2 for $524.95 or the AquaSieve SS for $729.95

Noteworthy: All connections feature Quick Disconnect Unions, ensuring effortless changes or repairs in the future. No hacksaw required – simply loosen and retighten the unions by hand. We're committed to your long-term satisfaction with the AquaBead/AlphaONE Plus System.

Customize Your System: Looking to tailor your AlphaOne Plus System? Whether you want to upgrade the pump, opt for a larger UV unit, add a prefilter, heater, or the Elektrik Control Center – we've got you covered. Contact us at support@pondhaven.com for a personalized quote.

Elevate your pond care with the AlphaONE 6.0 WattMizer PLUS System – where simplicity meets excellence for larger ponds!

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