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Introducing the AlphaNANO Filter by GC Tek – Revolutionizing Pond Filtration!

Are you ready for a filtration powerhouse that will transform your pond maintenance? GC Tek has taken the highly acclaimed AlphaOne and AquaBead filter lines and supercharged them with our cutting-edge NANO media. Brace yourself for an incredible leap in performance!

Unleash the Power of Surface Area:

We've pushed the boundaries, enhancing the filter's surface area to a mind-blowing 600 square feet per cubic foot. That's right, over 600 square feet! This translates into an explosion of beneficial bacteria colonization, working tirelessly to cleanse and refine your pond like never before.

A Game-Changer in Filtration:

What sets the AlphaNANO apart from ordinary bead filters? It's all about the AlphaNano beads! These smaller wonders don't just excel as biological filters – they are exceptional at polishing your water to crystal clarity. The Alpha Nano media boasts a staggering 50% more surface area for beneficial bacteria to flourish compared to traditional bead filters.

The Science Behind the Brilliance:

To understand the AlphaNANO's prowess, let's delve into the differences between bead filters and our revolutionary AlphaNano technology. Bead filters tend to clog up quickly, causing flow disruptions and increased pressure. However, the AlphaNANO, with its unique AlphaNANO media, evenly captures debris throughout the filter bed. The result? Unparalleled flow, minimal back pressure, and reduced maintenance – a filtration dream come true.

Polishing Perfection:

One of the AlphaNANO's standout features is its unrivaled polishing ability. Pond enthusiasts worldwide have raved about the remarkable clarity it brings to their water, all thanks to the innovative design of our AlphaNANO media.

Engineered for Excellence:

The AlphaNANO media was custom-crafted exclusively for this filter, not borrowed from any other industry. Its ingenious design omits "crosshairs," which can trap and hold debris, turning it anaerobic. With the AlphaNANO media, there are no hidden corners for unwanted bacteria to thrive – only a haven for beneficial ones.

Witness the AlphaNANO Magic: Ready to witness this filtration marvel in action? Dive into the AlphaNANO media and discover the future of pond filtration for yourself.

Elevate your pond's water quality to new heights with the AlphaNANO Filter by GC Tek – where innovation meets excellence!



AlphaNANO media

AlphaNANO Media


All AlphaNANO filters come with 2 HP Media Agitator

Model Size (cu. ft.) Max Pond Size Flow Rate (gpm) Fish Load (lbs.) Dimensions
AlphaNANO1.75 1.75 2500 g 50 gpm 90 lbs. 19" x 31"
AlphaNANO 2.50 2.5 5000 g 70 gpm 125 lbs. 21" x 32"
AlphaNANO4.25 4.25 10000 g 90 gpm 225 lbs. 24.8" x 34"
AlphaNANO 6.0 6 17000 g 120 gpm 300 lbs. 30.5" x 36.8"
AlphaNANO 10.0 10 25000 g 180 gpm 500 lbs. 37" x 42"

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