Keeton Industries 12-Acre ProLake³ Diffused Pond Aerator



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Top Information: 

  • Aerates ponds/lakes up to 12 acres
  • Enhances water clarity & quality
  • Oxygenates entire water column
  • Includes programmable timer
  • Offered in 115V or 230V
  • 2-year warranty


Advanced Aeration for Spacious Ponds

Embrace the exceptional performance of the Keeton Industries 12-Acre ProLake³ Diffused Pond Aerator, specifically designed to cater to the needs of large ponds. Experience enhanced water quality, minimized algae growth, and a balanced aquatic ecosystem for ponds up to 12 acres. Trust the ProLake³ Aerator to ensure the vitality and beauty of your pond.

Superior Energy Efficiency and Silent Operation

The ProLake³ Diffused Pond Aerator is engineered with energy efficiency in mind, allowing you to maintain your pond's health without consuming excessive power. Revel in the peacefulness of your outdoor space as the ProLake³ operates with minimal noise. This low-maintenance aerator guarantees that you can focus on enjoying your pond while it takes care of the essentials.

Simplified Installation and Personalization

Setting up the Keeton Industries 12-Acre ProLake³ Diffused Pond Aerator is effortless and convenient, with all necessary components provided. Customize the aeration process according to your pond's unique requirements, ensuring maximum performance and results. Depend on ProLake³ to sustain a flourishing aquatic habitat in even the most expansive ponds.




Aeration System

ProLake³ 3.12


Item Number



Maximum Pond Size

Up To 12 Acres


115V or 230V Compressor



Duraplate™ Diffusers



Maximum Diffuser Depth

50 Feet



Up To 15.9



12.9/3 ½ HP 115V Compressors





Alpine™ 1/2" Weighted Airline

Not Included


Programmable Timer

Not Included



3-4 Port 


Pressure Gauge



Cooling Fan



Level-Aer™ Equipment Pad (Suggested)

Not Included


Decibels/Operational Sound

50/60 DB


1” ASTM Cert. Acoustical Sound-Deadening Foam





24"W x 24"L x 16"T


Alpine™ ½" Weighted Airline

1/2" ID x 1" OD


Level-Aer™ Equipment Pad

30" x 30" x 3"



ProLake³ Aeration Systems are designed to clean and clear ponds and lakes measuring up to 12 surface acres. ProLake³ systems offer two powerful ½ horsepower compressors capable of delivering 10.6 cubic feet of air per minute to our non-clogging, self-cleaning Duraplate™ diffusers. We top it all off with high volume cooling blowers, a programmable timer and fully adjustable, brushed aluminum manifolds. All housed in a durable, sound-deadening cabinet. The result is a high-end, energy efficient aeration system that will keep your pond clean and problem free for many years to come.

ProLake³ 3.12

  • 3 = Number of Compressors Included In The System
  • 12 = Number of Diffusers Included In The System




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