LED Lights (Optional)


  • Can be purchased now or added later. Light sets simply screw on to float.
    • 2-light sets recommended for 1.5 HP and below.
    • 4-light sets recommended for 2 HP & 3 HP.

    Warm White LED 14-Color LED
    Single Color Option 14 Color Options
    Digital Timer Included Digital Timer Included
    No Remote Control Remote Control Included
    110V 110V
    2 or 4-Light Fixtures 2 or 4-Light Fixtures
    Power Cable Included Power Cable Included



    Timers (Optional)

    • Can be purchased now or added later. 
    • Timers are only made to control fountains, not lights.
    • Answer to FAQ: The difference between the residential and commercial 230V timer is the residential box is plastic and the commercial box is metal. Both perform the same function.


    115V Timer 230V Timer
    Operates 115V Pumps Operates 230V Pumps
    40 Amp Rating 40 Amp Rating
    5" H x 5.5" W x 3.75" D 8.9" H x 6.1" W x 3" D

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