Choosing the Right Horsepower

  • The size and flow rate of your fountain's spray is influenced by the horsepower you choose. A higher horsepower will move more water, resulting in a larger and/or thicker spray. 
  • When it comes to selecting horsepower, it largely depends on your budget and pond size. It is recommended to keep a minimum distance of 10 feet between the fountain spray and the edge of your pond. 

Choosing the Right Voltage

  • If you are unsure about which voltage to choose, feel free to contact us for assistance. 
  • If you plan to run 115V power to the edge of your pond, please note the maximum distances from the pump to the breaker, including the power cord you order. 
  • If you plan to run 230V to the edge of your pond, you generally will not have to worry about the distance. 


Motor Size Max distance from pump to breaker on 115V
1/3 HP 115V 280'
1/2 HP 115V 250'
3/4 HP 115V 200'
1 HP 115V 150'



Choosing the Right LED Lights (Optional)

  • LED lights can be purchased now or added later. They simply screw on to the fountain. 
  • Lights run on 110V and come with their own power cord.
  • Single-color warm white LED lights or color-changing LED lights are available. 

  • Both options come with a programable timer. 
  • Color-changing lights come with a remote control that works up to 1,000 feet away.
  • For 1 HP and below 2-light sets are recommended.
  • For 1.5 HP and 2 HP 3-light sets are recommended.
  • For 3 HP 4-light sets are recommended. 


Choosing the Right Timers (Optional)

  • Timers can be purchased now or added later. 
  • Timers are only made to control fountains, not lights.
  • Residential and Commercial Timers perform the same function. 

  • Residential timer box is plastic and the commercial box is metal. 



Unique Additional Nozzles (Optional)

  • Important Note:  Scott Aerator Fountain pumps can accommodate all Scott Aerator Nozzles. If you would like a different spray pattern, you can easily purchase a new nozzle.  
  • There are 9 unique nozzle options that you can choose from. Each has its own special spray pattern!  
  • TIP: Not all nozzles will fit every motor size. Please double-check to make sure your nozzle will fit the appropriate motor horsepower. 


Nozzle Spray Sizes (H x W)


Nozzle 1/2 HP 1 HP 1.5 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Amherst N/A 35' x 40' 35' x 40' N/A 30' x 25'
Atriarch N/A 30' x 25' 40' x 30' 50' x 40' 60' x 50'
Baystone N/A 14' x 30' 20' x 40' N/A N/A
Cambridge N/A 30' x 40' 35' x 45' N/A 40' x 55'
Clover 20' x 35' 30' x 42' 40' x 50' N/A 50' x 70'
Millbrook N/A 15' x 30' 17' x 35' N/A N/A
Rosewood N/A 30' x 40' 35' x 45' N/A N/A
Skyward 20' x 35' 30' x 42' 40' x 50' N/A 50' x 70'
Tudor N/A 10' x 35' 15' x 45' N/A N/A