Kasco Dock & Marina Pond & Lake De-Icer Kasco Dock & Marina Pond & Lake De-Icer
Kasco Dock & Marina Pond & Lake De-Icer from $893.00
By pushing warmer water up, Kasco’s De-icers create an opening at the water’s surface, keeping boats and docks safe from damaging ice buildup. Kasco’s De-icers create more thrust than any other product on the market. More thrust means more open water to better protect your property. Not only do De-icers protect your in-water property, they also help keep fish and aquatic species healthy throughout the winter by allowing for open areas where oxygen can enter the water. De-icers are available as 1/2, 3/4, and 1HP units. Warranty period: 3 years   Features:    Offered as 120V and 208-240V (60Hz), or 220V (50Hz) 60hz units are ETL approved to CSA and UL standards 50hz units are approved to CE standards 3-year warranty   Package Includes:    Guard Against Winter's Grip Embrace the Kasco Dock & Marina Pond & Lake De-Icer, a robust solution that stands guard against the harsh winter chill. This tool prevents ice formation around your dock, marina, pond, or lake, safeguarding your water body and structures from potential ice damage. Witness as your waters remain navigable and vibrant, even in the coldest weather. A Pillar of Strength The Kasco De-Icer is a beacon of resilience and durability. It reliably endures severe winter conditions while consistently delivering high performance. Put your trust in this steadfast pillar of strength that works tirelessly to protect your waters from the icy grasp of winter. Preserving Nature's Balance Kasco's De-Icer promotes a harmonious balance in your aquatic environment, even in freezing temperatures. By averting ice formation, it ensures the continuity of aquatic life and maintains the overall health of your water body. Experience the soothing rhythm of nature, undisturbed, as your waters remain a lively sanctuary all year round.  
Bearon Aquatics (Powerhouse) Ice-Eater Pond De-Icer, Dock, Pier, Lake Bearon Aquatics (Powerhouse) Ice-Eater Pond De-Icer, Dock, Pier, Lake
Bearon Aquatics (Powerhouse) Ice-Eater Pond De-Icer, Dock, Pier, Lake from $1,065.00
Quick Facts:  Patented Venturi design creates superior water flow and direction Engineered for high performance AND energy efficiency Environmentally-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Dialectric Fluid Standard unit allows for five (5) de-icing patterns with no additional hardware Bronze Endbell ensures long-life with no cracking or warping Heavy-Duty PVC Shroud protects the propeller and motor 3-Year Warranty Made In The USA   When Should You Use The Ice-Eater? The Ice Eater serves to safeguard your docks, piers, marinas, and boats from ice and associated damages. Without the protection offered by Ice Eaters, ice can warp your dock or even entirely dislodge pilings from the ground. Many boat owners choose to remove their boats from the water during winter, incurring wrapping and storage fees as well as dedicating significant time to the process. Alternatively, using an Ice Eater can shield your boats throughout the colder months, preventing ice-induced scratches and punctures on the chilliest days. This enables you and your loved ones to seize any unexpectedly warm winter days for spontaneous high-seas adventures. It's impossible to have your boat ready at a moment's notice if it's stowed away. The 1Hp Ice Eater can clear a space as vast as 80 feet to secure your assets before the ice takes hold.Invented over four decades ago, Bearon Aquatics' Ice Eater is manufactured in the United States. Recognized globally for its quality, reliability, and energy efficiency, the Ice Eater acts as an insurance policy to defend your dock, boats, and pilings against ice-related damages during winter. Today, Ice Eaters have found diverse applications, ranging from maintaining open ponds for duck migration to generating artificial tides for shellfish farming. 
Scott Aerator Floating De-Icer Scott Aerator Floating De-Icer
Scott Aerator Floating De-Icer from $1,419.00
Winter ice buildup may be quite problematic for ponds that host fish and other wildlife as well as for boats, dock pilings, and boathouses. The Scott Aerator Company has dedicated its 45 years of experience to the development of exceptional de-icers that are effective, dependable, and incredibly long-lasting in their ability to maintain surfaces free of hazardous ice. Large water surfaces should remain open throughout the winter thanks to the Scott Aerator Floating De-Icer. The device, which is suspended from a float about 2 feet below the water's surface, melts and prevents ice by continuously agitating warmer water that is drawn up from the bottom. The tough engineering of the Floating De-Icer is ideal for both fresh and salt water, and it adapts easily to changes in water levels. The Scott Aerator Floating De-Icer should help keep large water surfaces open throughout the winter. By continuously stirring warmer water that is pulled up from the bottom, the gadget, which is suspended from a float about 2 feet below the water's surface, melts and prevents ice formation. The Floating De-robust Icer's engineering makes it perfect for use in both freshwater and saltwater, and it is easily adaptable to variations in water levels. Features: The De-Icer is free of oil. Other de-icers demand frequent oil addition and replacement. Oil-filled engines run slowly in cold water and are prone to catastrophic oil leaks. We designed our de-icer to work with all water temps. At 3450 rpm, the De-Icer operates. Competitive de-icers operate at less than 2000 rpm, even those with 1-hp engines. In contrast to its rivals, which move 180 gallons per minute, the Scott Aerator De-Icer can move 400 gallons per minute. Even the motor is composed of stainless steel that is produced in America for the De-Icer. Galvanized metal is used by the opposition. A five-year motor warranty that is unrestricted is included as standard with the De-Icer. Competitive models only provide a two-year warranty on their de-icers.

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