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Introducing The Liberator AutoBackWash System:

For those of us with hectic schedules, finding the time to manage backwashing our filters can be a challenge. That's where The Liberator AutoBackWash System comes in, offering a convenient and automated solution that eliminates the need to rely on forgetful neighbors or friends.

Key Features of The Liberator AutoBackWash System:

1. Automated Backwashing: The Liberator does it all, automatically. At a time of your choosing, this system seamlessly takes care of the backwash process, ensuring your filter remains in optimal condition without any manual intervention.

2. Step-By-Step Operation: Here's how The Liberator works:

  • It shuts off the water pump to initiate the process.
  • The Media Agitator is activated to prepare for backwashing.
  • A backwash cycle is performed to clean the filter media thoroughly.
  • A rinse cycle follows to ensure any residual particles are removed.
  • The system resets to the filter position, ready for normal operation.
  • Finally, it turns the pump back on, and water starts returning to the pond, indicating that the backwash process is complete.

3. Advanced Valve: The Liberator features an advanced valve system that offers minimal restriction, similar to the LH valve assembly, but with the added advantage of automation.

4. Master Control Panel: In addition to the valve itself, The Liberator comes with a Master Control Panel. This panel can be conveniently mounted on a fence, pole, wall, or other suitable locations. It measures approximately 18"x18"x5" and serves as the central hub for scheduling and controlling the backwash process.

The Liberator AutoBackWash System is designed to provide pond owners with a hassle-free solution for maintaining their AlphaONE, AquaBead, or AlphaNANO Filters. With its automated operation and user-friendly controls, it ensures that your filter remains in peak condition without the need for manual backwashing, giving you more time to enjoy your pond.

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