Savio 11' x 11' Pond Kit PP1050UV With 18W UV Light

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Crystal Clear Water with UV Technology

Introducing the Savio 11' x 11' Pond Kit PP1050UV featuring an 18W UV Light. This all-in-one pond package ensures pristine water clarity by utilizing the power of UV technology. The included 18W UV light effectively eliminates algae growth, keeping your pond water crystal clear and healthy for aquatic life.

Comprehensive Pond Solution

The Savio PP1050UV Pond Kit is a comprehensive solution for creating a beautiful, low-maintenance water feature in your backyard. The kit contains a high-quality EPDM pond liner, energy-efficient pump, skimmer, filter, UV light, and all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation. Transform your outdoor space into a serene sanctuary with ease.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The energy-efficient pump and 18W UV light included in the Savio 11' x 11' Pond Kit PP1050UV ensure minimal electricity consumption while maintaining maximum performance. Enjoy the beauty of a thriving pond environment without compromising on energy efficiency or environmental impact.


  • Underlayment 15' x 20'
  • 45 mil. EPDM Liner 15' x 20'
  • Skimmerfilter® Base Unit
  • Skimmerfilter® 8.5' Faceplate
  • Livingponds® Waterfall Filter
  • Springflo Bio Filter Media
  • Water Master™ Solids Pump 3600
  • 2" x 25' Kink-Free hose
  • Black Foam
  • Plumbing Kit
  • Filter bottom Drain Assembly
  • Installation Guide
  • How to Build a Livingpond® DVD





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