Max Pond Size Up to 5 Acres
Max Diffuser Depth 50 Feet
Aerates Pond Up to 6-9' Deep Up to 2.5 Acres
Aerates Pond Up to 9-12' Deep Up to 3.5 Acres
Aerates Pond Over 12' Deep Up to 5 Acres
SilentAir Compressor 1 HP Rocking Piston Compressor
Running Amps 6.3 or 3.15
Voltage 115V or 230V
Wattage 725 Watts
Max CFM 7.1
Diffuser Type (5) ProAir 4 Weighted Diffuser
Airmax Composite Cabinet Large Cabinet
Cabinet Dimensions 27"L x 24"W x 18.75"H
Power Cord 6' Cabinet Cord
2'6" Compressor Cord
Airline Sold Separately Set up for 5/8" Airline Only
Monthly Operating Cost (24/7)* $51.90
ProAir Diffuser Warranty 5 Years
Compressor & Electrical Component Warranty 3 Years
Composite Cabinet Warranty 10 Years
EasySet Airline Warranty 5 Years