Kasco J Series Decorative Pond Fountain, 7.5 HP


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  • Available as 3/4, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7.5HP
  • Offered as 60Hz and 50Hz, 120V and 208-240V, and single and three phase options
  • Complete packages are ETL approved to UL and CSA standards
  • 2-year warranty on 3/4HP and 1HP units
  • 3-year warranty on 2HP units (optional 5 year extended warranty available)
  • 5-year warranty on 3, 5, and 7.5HP units
  • 50Hz units include a 2-year warranty


Package Includes: 

  • Motor unit
  • Float
  • Bottom screen
  • 5 Interchangeable nozzles
  • Control panel with GFCI protection
  • Mooring lines
  • Power cord
  • 50Hz units include a motor unit, 15m mooring lines, multiple nozzles, and power cord




Nozzle Style Spray Size
Birch 26' H X 16' W
Redwood 36' H X 8' W
Spruce 34' H X 12' W
Balsam 21' H X 36' W
Linden 26' H X 46' W



      Illuminate Your Backyard Oasis

      The Kasco J Series Decorative Pond Fountain is a visually stunning addition to any outdoor landscape. This 7.5 HP powerhouse not only creates an appealing aquatic show but also promotes healthier pond ecosystems. Its robust performance ensures a constant flow of water, enhancing oxygen levels and keeping your pond water crystal clear. Revel in the breathtaking beauty and serene ambiance the fountain brings to your home.

      Reliability and Efficiency: A Symbiotic Pairing

      When it comes to fountains, longevity and power efficiency are paramount. This 7.5 HP Kasco J Series Fountain excels in both aspects. With an industry-leading warranty and low operating costs, this pond fountain is the epitome of dependability. Its energy-efficient design ensures optimal operation, turning your garden into a mesmerizing showpiece without inflating your energy bills.

      A Fusion of Aesthetics and Functionality

      Our Kasco J Series Decorative Pond Fountain is the perfect blend of form and function. Its design is not just about creating stunning water displays, but also maintaining the well-being of your pond. The continuous water movement aids in controlling algae growth and eliminating stagnant water, creating a healthier environment for your pond's inhabitants.


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