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Scott Aerator DA-20 Solar Pond Aerator Fountain Scott Aerator DA-20 Solar Pond Aerator Fountain
Scott Aerator DA-20 Solar Pond Aerator Fountain from $6,269.00
The Scott Aerator ½ hp, Solar Powered DA-20 Display Aerator (2-Panel) makes beautiful fountains exceptionally eco-friendly. The new ½ hp Solar Powered DA-20 Display Aerator (2-Panel) combines clean, eco-friendly aeration with the focal point of a fountain: a spectacular solution for remote spots where running electric power wouldn’t be feasible or cost-effective. The ½ hp Solar Powered DA-20 sprays up to 200 gallons of water per minute in a cascading, trumpet-shaped, adjustable pattern measuring about 4 feet tall, and 9 to 15 feet wide. This healthy flow rate does a great job removing algae from the pond surface, maintaining clean and clear water, keeping pesky insects away, and adding a lot of oxygen to your pond. Adding oxygen not only does wonders for your fish, it’s also key to rapidly breaking down decaying matter at the bottom of your pond. Finally, added oxygen means less muck over time. The stainless steel, submersible motor is oil-free, making it exceptionally durable, maintenance-free, and the most environmentally-friendly water aerator on the market.  Made for daytime aeration, the unit powers up with the sun, operates at variable speeds, and shuts down after dark. Its solar PV array panels bring water flow gradually up to capacity in changing sunlight—all without the costly, high-maintenance batteries that many solar aerators demand. Like all Scott Aerator Company water features, the ½ hp DA-20 Solar Aerator was engineered to eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming winterization procedures. Simply leave your aerator in the water, turn off its power supply, and forget about it until the water thaws in the spring. Then just re-establish power to the unit and you’re good to go! All components will withstand sub-zero conditions without damage. This system comes complete with the ½ hp DA-20 Display Aerator, two solar panels with frame, disconnect box, Fhoton™ drive solar inverter, and all required wiring components. You just need to supply the vertical pole for the panels and frame, concrete footing for the pole, and two anchor ropes with weights or tethers for the aerator. Proudly manufactured in the USA, the DA-20 Solar Aerator carries an unconditional, 5-year motor warranty. It comes standard with 70 feet of heavy-duty, 12-gauge, submersible power cord. Greater lengths are available up to 150 feet. The unit is designed for fresh or salt water. Please disconnect power source when swimmers are present.