Aquascape Pond Powerhead

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New in 2019! The Aquascape Pond Powerhead is designed to create water movement and eliminate stagnant areas in ponds and water gardens, providing circulation, surface agitation, and aeration. This standalone pump does not require any pipe or plumbing, simply set the powerhead directly in the pond or disguise it into the pond using rocks or other materials. The energy-efficient, low-voltage motor can be powered by a standard outdoor, 12-volt transformer (not included).

  • Eliminate dead zones in your pondand prevent thebuild-up of toxic gases which can harm or kill your koi in these zones
  • Increases circulation and movement in areas with low water flow
  • Adjustable head for ultimate flow control
  • Can be used at the surface of the pond during winter to prevent ice from forming on the surface. whole open in the ice and ensure proper gas exchange
  • Simply set in the pond - no pipe or plumbing required
  • Prevents buildup of unsightly decaying debris
  • Measures:9.75-inch L x 5.75-inch W x 5.75-inch H
  • Cord Length:25 feet
  • Flow rate: pushes approximately2,000 GPH
  • The extremely energy-efficient motor only requires 40w is powered by a standard 12-volt transformer (not included- minimum 40w). Several options available including:
  • 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

View the Aquascape Pond Powerhead MPN 91142 Instruction Manual (PDF)

Compatible with these extension cables:

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