Air O Lator Font’N-Aire Ready Pond Aerating Fountain, 1 HP


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Font’N-Aire Ready 1HP

The Font’N-Aire Ready 1HP fountain line has four major components:

FLOAT – constructed of rugged polyethylene molded plastic with UV inhibitors and filled with nonhygroscopic pressure molded polystyrene foam.

POWER DRIVE ASSEMBLY – mounting structure (drive structure assembly), propeller (Carnival Nozzle), and single phase motor.

ELECTRICAL SERVICE CABLE ASSEMBLY – 100’ (standard) of AWG# 12/4 submersible cable and a submersible quick disconnect connector, which plugs into the fountain.

CONTROLS – 24-hour time clock with multiple off/on trippers, a Franklin Electric start and run QD capacitor box and an inline ELCI ground fault protector with a standard 230 volt, 15 amp plug. All of the components are prewired and mounted on a 16” x 14” plate.

Air-O-Lator exclusively uses the Franklin Electric 600M submersible motor on all fountain lines. The water cooled and lubricated motor is especially designed for lake and pond fountain applications and is environmentally safe.

The PROPELLER PUMP AERATING FOUNTAIN (with our scientifically engineered foul-resistant propeller) pumps 1,000 gallons of water per minute into the air through a specifically designed nozzle (Carnival). This causes the large column of water to shear into millions of micro droplets exposing more water to the atmosphere. As the aerated water returns to the parent body of water surface, turbulence is created in a 360 degree radius outward from the fountain increasing the interface of air to water, therefore transferring the atmospheric oxygen to the water.

Tips to pick the perfect pond fountain including the Font’N-Aire Ready 1HP:

How Big is Your Pond?

The size of the pond also matters, along with the shape. A large fountain with a motor of 1.5 HP is enough for an acre of water coverage. Depending on the shape of the pond, a simple V-shaped spraying pattern should do the job perfectly. You may need to install two fountains if your pond is larger than an acre and deeper than 6 feet. If you’re investing in a water fountain purely for decoration purposes, you won’t need to consider the HP of the motor. Another thing to consider is the type of powered fountain you are getting for your pond.

Solar Pond Fountains

Solar fountains are great options if your pond is in a wide-open area. This means free of any obstructions like trees or buildings to keep your solar panels clear. This allows the panels to absorb as much solar power as possible. It’s also a convenient setup to save money on your monthly electric bills. Although solar fountains are great alternatives for your pond, they are much better suited for smaller ponds. You may want to consider electrically powered fountains for large ponds.

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